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Mark Tyoe

Master Professional Chainsaw Artist

About Mark Tyoe

Mark Tyoe is a Master Professional Chainsaw Artist who has pursued and grown in and with the art form, while remaining a 100 % purest in the sculpting with only the use of chainsaws, for over 20 years. Collectors have been in awe of the intricacy obtained by his ability and attention to such detail, and is famous for the realism of his works. His inspiration and comparison to the authentic “Black Forest” sculptures is a constant reminder for him to reach levels of exquisite furniture pieces to adorn fine homes all over the world. From concept to completion, Mark’s attention to each detail takes precedence in each commission.

  • Has taken the conceptual “lawn ornament” chainsaw carving from an outside neglected piece of wood to a fine interior collectable piece of art eventually becoming heirlooms.
  • Very adamant staying 100% chainsaw if it’s marketed as such.
  • His accomplishments include: 7 time Northeast Chainsaw Carving Champion; 2000 Mid Atlantic Champion; 2003, 2005, and 2007 International Power Carving Champion.
  • Mark’s gift of artistry is continuous from perception - with sketches while working with the collectors ideas; to materializing those wants with chainsaw carving; and finally completed with attention paid to bring the sculpture to life with natural highs and lows of the wood...along with adding color where warranted.

Mark’s goal is to continue to stride in taking Chainsaw Art to a level of distinction that warrants it’s stature along with other fine collectable furnishings, bringing decades of pleasure to those who collect these sculptures.